Application gives access to individually identifiable health information which is considered private, privileged and confidential. Such information is deemed to be Covered Information for purposes of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), P.L., 104-191. End users are required to maintain the private, privileged and confidential status of the Covered Information. Any disclosure of Covered Information to a business partner pursuant to a written contract, the written contract shall meet the requirements of HIPAA.


Time to plan to switch your browser from Internet Explorer to Chrome or Edge.

Microsoft is discontinuing its support of Internet Explorer [IE] in 2022 and encouraging the use of Chrome or Edge. Medical Mutual does not support browsers that are unsupported, so we are also moving away from IE. We suggest users of ReportLink use Chrome or Edge as their default browser instead.

Medical Mutual will announce the exact date of the final switch when it becomes available.

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